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Emulsifiers could be detrimental for your gut

Emulsifiers make an emulsion. They help one liquid to be dispersed in tiny droplets into the other liquid. For example, vinegar and oil for a salad dressing.

These days, ultra processed foods have some emulsifiers that make the qualities of them desirable. They make them smooth and preserve other qualities. For example, Carrageenan (Irish moss) is used to prevent the "oiling off" that occurs in high fat candies such as caramels, toffees and nougats in hot weather. Many commercial candies have various additives to enhance the quality of the candy when it reaches consumers. In vegetarian milks, emulsifiers give them that milky smooth texture, as opposed to the fresh and healthy homemade version that separates in your cup of coffee. We know from several studies that the latter is the healthier way to drink your favourite cuppa!

Balsamic vinegar in olive oil
Unemulsified liquids are healthier

Carrageenan is a type of red seaweed that adds fiber to a liquid and gives a nicer smooth texture to drinks. However, some people who are sensible to some fibers experience acute reactions in the colon. Carrageenan can activate the innate immune pathways of inflammation, alter the gut microbiota composition and the thickness of the mucus barrier. Clinical evidence suggests that it is involved in the pathogenesis and clinical management of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), indeed food-exclusion diets can be an effective therapy for disease remission. Moreover, specific IgE to the oligosaccharide α-Gal has been associated with allergic reactions commonly referred to as the “α-Gal syndrome”. Other detrimental emulsifiers are polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose. Emulsifier agents such as polysorbate-80, may be contributing to obesity related intestinal inflammation and progression of liver dysfunction and alternation of gut microbiota.

Read the ingredient list to find out if your packaged food is made with emulsifiers. In general, avoid packaged ultraprocessed food! Always choose a fresh live food because it will have more nutrients, such as enzymes, that will keep your health in optimum level.

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