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About Cecilia

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Nutrition Services
*Individual nutritional,
  screening and assessment

Circle Vital Testing and/or Food Intolerance Testing

* Mycotherapy
*Cooking sessions
*School lectures
*Corporate consultations
* Cooking Skills
*Food preparation and safety
*Weight management programs
*Detox programs

* Toddler and children nutrition


My Story
I am passionate about healthy eating and committed to helping you improve your eating habits

As a Nutrition Educator, my role is to guide you in understanding why and how you can adopt a healthier diet. Even if you already consider your diet to be healthy, there is always room for improvement!


Every individual has unique dietary needs. Whether you're aiming to lose weight, manage food-related symptoms, or simply enhance your nutrition, I am here to assist you. Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging at times, but I will provide you with strategies to overcome obstacles. Achieving good health requires effort, but it is well worth it! Understanding which foods are beneficial for your body is essential for your long-term well-being.


I hold a Masters Degree of Science in Nutrition Education from Teacher's College, Columbia University. My Bachelor's of Science was in Food Science and Nutrition. I have worked in research, training of health professionals, patient counselling and nutrition education. I have also volunteered in excellent clinical settings and large commercial food preparation sites.I have more than 18 years of experience teaching people hands-on how to eat healthfully and lecturing on nutrition related topics to adults and children in English and Spanish. My focus is prevention of disease through nutrition. I specialise in detox, weight loss programs, food allergies and intolerances and pre/post natal nutrition.

I understand first hand the importance of food in different cultures and in various stages of life as I have had the wonderful opportunity to live in four different countries in three different continents, and I am blessed with a wonderful husband and three healthy children. 


I hope my professional background and life experience gives you the trust you need to contact me and help you make a positive change in your eating behavior.

How my service works


If you live in London, UK, you could contact me to make an appointment.


If you live outside the UK, you could contact me by email and we could schedule a conference call to talk about your needs and plan a new eating plan.

All initial consultations need to be prepaid. Thank you!

School or Corporate Lectures


Please contact me to discuss about nutrition events and understand the needs of your institution 

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