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A Healthful Nutrition

Nowadays, our busy life makes us create habits that compromise our nutrition and makes us fall easily into a routinary diet poor in nutrients. The absence of good nutrients in our bodies bring undesirable consequences. Today, I want to go back to basics and remind you what is a healthful nutrition as well as give you some guidelines to implement them in your life.

Let's remember that a good nutrition is the intake of a variety of foods that will reinforce your immune system and provide you with enough energy for the day. A good nutrition is very important to prevent disease and manage current health symptoms.

Here are 6 essential points that would help you to live a healthier and well nourished life!

  1. Make some time to buy healthy food for every day of the week. Plan to buy a variety of foods for your pantry that are high in fiber and that can be well preserved without refrigeration. These preserved foods and fresh food will help you enrich your nutrition. It is always important to have fresh produce. Try to go grocery shopping 2-3 times a week and enjoy the pleasure of eating foods full of life and nutrients. The fresh energy of the enzymes and probiotics are vital for good health! Buy more vegetables than fruits.

  2. Drinking fluids without sugars and pollutants is a great way to improve our health. Choose a glass container with mineral or natural water. Take both alternating them so you can mineralize your body with moderation. Sugar lowers the immunity and pack you with empty extra energy. It also increases stress in the metabolism, adds unwanted weight and it becomes addictive.

  3. I advise you to make a parasites cleansing once a year, so you can maintain a good balance in your digestive system. Without this cleansing, it is more difficult to manage temptation of eating processed and sugary foods.

  4. Eating calmly and with pleasure helps to avoid bad digestion and the over intake of calories. It is very important to initiate the digestion in the mouth, chew very well each bite. On one hand this practice helps to be more conscious of what we are putting in our mouth and on the other, it increases the senses of pleasure that provides us and restores our energy. This action improves our self esteem and survival. In addition, we give time to our stomach to send information to our brain when we have received enough food. This signal almost does not exist in many people since we live accelerated lives and we do not recognize it anymore.

  5. Consuming foods free of contaminants helps to have a more efficient metabolism with more energy. The preservatives, additives, hormones, pesticides, plastics, metals and artificial fillers obstruct the enzyme's performance and the correct absorption of nutrients and energy needed. This blockage of the metabolic process leaves us without strength and pushes us to consume more food than we really need. It’s a vicious cycle that eventually make us sick. A good protection of our health starts with buying healthy food! Go home with what gives you life!

  6. Other healthy habits like exercising, keeping your teeth clean and taking care of them, sleeping enough hours to restore yourself and taking care of our mental health, go hand in hand with a colourful and fresh diet.

Adopt and apply healthful habits, the results are wonderful. Your body and your circle of loved ones will benefit and copy you!

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