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Food will calm your anxiety

Healthy food will calm your anxiety

It seems we are anxious most of the time for different reasons: After Covid-19 times, the war in Ukraine, finances, studies, balancing work and family, loss, etc.

What could you do to help yourself?

Research shows that bad fats, such as trans fats used in processed foods and ultraprocessed foods, artificial additives, preservatives, colors and flavourings, foods containing genetically modified ingredients, sodas, sweetners and excess sugar are increasing our levels of anxiety.

Anxiety is when you feel extra stressed, tense, with a pounding heart, terrified, fearful, helpless, when the day is long or you have feelings of doom for no good reason. It is when you feel worry excessively, when there is a barrier in your actions. These feelings may be present individually or in a combination, or all at the same time. What a mess! Fear NOT! You can help yourself out.

When you make time to prepare fresh food at home and make it a priority in your schedule, you will see results soon enough.

When you eat fresh food you are receiving the best nutrients. Wholesome, active and with energy!

These nutrients will help you balance the neurotransmitters in your brain and your mood will start to improve.

Choose to eat good quality sources of animal protein, white fish few times a week, a variety of vegetables and fruit, 7-8 glasses of filtered water, avoiding foods that disagree with you, drinking homemade broths, fermented foods like miso, kefir, yoghurt, sauerkraut, adding herbs and spices, sea vegetables. Introduce sprouted grains, legumes and seasonal fresh produce every week into your diet.

Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with protein. Try to eat these meals before 8pm and have a snack in between if the next meal will be delayed by more then 4 hours. Do not allow your glucose levels to run too low as this will create stress in your system. Treat your self with love, care and eat the best quality - it does not mean it has to be expensive. Shop around from online farmers and prepare your food at home for the week ahead. Observe food safety guidelines to store and freeze at the right temperatures.

Have a happy new mood! ;)


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