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Do you know how to cook?

Do you know how to survive? Do you know how to cook? How to boil water? Cooking skills are key for survival and to preserve good health. If you do not know how to cook or know someone who does not know how to cook, please take action and learn cooking skills or teach them to others. All of us are responsible to work on keeping our good health. Food shopping, food preparation and cooking are esssential skills for the well being of our societies!

Food integrity, food security, food safety are the cornerstones of our economy!

I urge you to book yourself into a cooking course and continue honing and practicing your cooking skills. Learn more about cooking fresh, local and in season foods. Teach someone how to cook better, it is a wonderful thing you could do! You will be impacting the life of generarions to come!

Use technology to your advantage. You could invest your money on cooking gadgets and smart robots that  make food preparation a bliss! For example, I love cooking with the Thermomix!! If you would like a demo please contact me!

Good nutrition starts with food shopping. I encourage you to use your money wisely. Support local farmers and manage well food safety, preparation, cooking, and reduce food waste and food poisoning. My job is to educate you on these skills. We are all responsible to take care of our own health and prevent disease!


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