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Info but no Action

Nutrition Information Overload but no Action!

There are loads of wonderfully presented information about Nutrition in the internet. We have e-books, videos on theory and cooking techniques , recipes, blogs, etc. And Yet! It is hard to take action for better health. Never before, did we have this amount of exposure to information. What is it that is holding us back from taking action?

The reasons could be several.

During my patients consultations, the answers for these questions are slowly revealed. I encourage you to spend time talking to a health therapist to unveil your true health goals. A nutritionist like me, could help you to prioritise your health goals, and most importantly prevent further progression of vicious eating and food preparation habits that may hinder your efforts for better health. Your health is important and I encourage you to take the time to invest in yourself. Health is a daily job of self-love. If you are well, those around you will be as well. They will copy you and you will make a difference for them as well. Take action!