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Summer Food Safety

Food safety during the summer months

How fun it is to be outside sitting on the grass and enjoying a picnic with the family and friends!

Freshly prepared food for a picnic should be easy to eat with your fingers. Pack the essentials and the right amount of food.

Remember to clean your hands first with some antibacterial wipes or gel. Keep Salmonella away!

All protein, chicken, sausages, ham, cheese, eggs, meat, should be kept cool and eaten within 2 hours.

Keeping food safe during warm temperatures

If you love barbequing, make sure you cook meats to the right temperature.

Keep drinks separate from food. The drinks cooler will probably be opened many more times and this change in temperature could damage your food.

Try to pack some ice blocks to keep food at lower temperatures while in the park and keep it in insulated bags to maintain it fresh and cooler for the longest possible time.

Never leave food inside the car, even if well packed! The temperature in the car gets hot to a very intense heat and food will start multiplying bacteria faster. You could have food poisoning if you eat food that has been left too warm for too long inside your car or outdoors under the sun. Protect yourself and your family by being mindful about keeping your food cool and in the shadow.

Read more information about food safety during the summer months in this fabulous site:

Finally, keep yourself hydrated and avoid drinking too much alcohol. It will only dehydrate you more and make you fat! Choose freshly made juices or cooling ones such as lemonade, water with cucumber slices and mint, green juices or watermelon slush. Take this relaxed time to choose wisely your foods and eat as fresh as you can.

Have a happy and safe summer!

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