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Back to school and food safety

Bacteria and viruses are a constant in our daily settings. Only proper hygiene will protect us from ingest them. Washing produce with water and keeping raw foods separate from cooked foods is key. Always wash your hands with spoapy water and clean your food preparation surfaces. Use a vegetable board for already washed veggies separate from raw meats. Use a different board for already cooked foods. Wash hands each time you touch a new unwashed food or after handling raw foods.

When preparing food in advance, remember to cool it fast in a shallow tray. Then cover and refrigerate. Try not to leave food at room temperature for more than 2 hours, specially if you live at warm temperatures.

If possible, pack raw cut and washed vegetales separate from the protein. Getting food boxes with different compartments or divisions is a good idea. If you prefer thermos, keep hot foods together and pack cold foods in a different container.For a cold thermos, put the thermos in the freezer overnight and once in your bag, pack an ice pack to keep the temperature in your bag cold. For packing hot foods in a thermos, heat your food until piping hot. Before putting the hot food in the thermos, fill it with boiling water to heat it up. Hot food will stay hot for longer. Enjoy!

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