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Go Sober for October

Let's join this campaign! It is one way to control weight gain and detoxify your system.

Your liver needs a break and we have little time to do this. The festive months are around the corner and we ought to take this time to behave!

I would recommend to cut all wine and beer first. Drink the rest of your alcohol arsenal in tiny amounts once a week. Then cut all alcohol. Switch to sparkling water with juice or fruit infused (with a piece of fruit floating in it) in social events. People will respect you, a lot! You will become their new role model. Responsible, firm, secure, health wise, and keep the charm.

Keep up the effort for a month! You will see how fast you lose weight. Alcohol adds a lot of calories in a drinkable format, not good and hard to control.

Just DO IT!

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Sep 23, 2022

Awesome blog yyou have here

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