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London nutritionist programs


                                           CLIENT  REVIEW

         "I took a couple of 10 day programs with Cecilia Linares regarding healthy eating habits, detox and healthy diet.  Her programs were very instructive as she mixed extensive theory on how our body reacts to different types of food (vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, etc) with practical examples of diets and importantly delicious dishes that could make any diet easier to cope.

Since I took these programs, my diet has been significantly more balanced with  a positive effect on my wellbeing.  I sleep better, feel that I have more energy and have maintained an adequate weight. 

I will surely repeat her programs as Cecilia updates them regularly with new thoughts on how to improve our diet.  My wife has also taken these courses as well as some friends who have thoroughly enjoyed them.  The group sessions are very friendly and helpful as well, as it allows comparison on how we feel and encouragement with the other people that take the program.

I would recommend Cecilia to anybody who is interested in improving his/her wellbeing and eating habit through a well balanced and thoroughly researched diet."


School or Corporate Lectures



Please contact me to discuss the needs of your institution and design a presentation or run a long term nutrition education program.


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A previous initial consultation is compulsory for your safety.

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Online DYI Basic Detox

Anytime for 10 days!

Online Mini DYI Detox Anti-inflammatory Program

Online DYI Full Detox

Anytime for 30 days!


Online Mini DYI Detox Program

Online Mini DYI Detox Dairy Program

Online DYI Detox for Skin Health


Thermomix Cooking Demo

Genetic Test for Diet

Food intolerance test

Hormonal Test

Vitamin D deficiency test

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