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Your health 

London nutritionist
Your health starts with good food. Fresh and different food will revitalise you and continue healing. We are constantly building up new cells, repairing and purifying our human body.
Vegetables and fruits help us bring out toxins from our body in a safe way. Seeds, grains and nuts make these chemical reactions more efficient and improve digestive transit with their fiber. Proteins, from plants and animals, build up our cells. Carbohydrates, from fruits, grains, vegetables and legumes, give us energy to fuel our movements and daily cell repair. Fats give us energy as well and as insulation our from extreme temperatures, ensure survival and protect us from free radicals. 
Weight Management

You will manage your weight if you eat regularly every 3-4 hours during daytime. Please do not skip any meal because when you do it you stress your system further and that will not help you to lose weight. 

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Disorders such as cardiovascular conditions; diabetes; cancer; liver, pulmonary and renal diseases, require specific dietary protocols to alliviate symptoms and manage its evolution. 

Nutrition Therapy

If you have any disease symptoms, diet can help you manage them. An appropriate diet for your condition will improve your quality of life. A healthy diet adjusted to your needs will decrease unpleasant symptoms and will strenghten your immune system.


Diabetes can sometimes be reversed by building up on a steady healthy and very low calorie diet. Do not be afraid! It is possible to manage your symptoms through diet and improve your quality of life. Learning how to eat responsibly, with good discipline takes practice. You can do it! I will teach you step by step how to make these new changes in your diet. 

Pre- and Post-Natal Nutrition

If you are pregnant, it is very important you eat healthfully for the good development of your baby. If you are a new mother, please save energy to feed yourself properly. Do not just  eat crackers and cheese...You need to love yourself and prepare healthy food for YOU! Your family will benefit from your happy energy and will be thankful to you for teaching them that taking care of oneself is very important to maintain health. If you naturally feel overwhelmed, as one does, please ask for help to all your family and friends to help you with food preparation. Gradual weight loss after pregnancy will be possible if you eat healthfully and sleep naps with your baby. Hydrate yourself often and keep up breastfeeding! It is the most important gift you could give to your baby ever! YOU CAN DO THIS! Trust your body!

Pantry Makeover

This step is crucial! If you have a healthy pantry you will offer sensible food choices for you, your family and friends who visit you. You will learn how to balance your pantry to make the best of your favourite recipes!

Supermarket Tours


Do you fear food shopping? It could be intimidating! I will teach you how to navigate the aisles and make the most of your budget shopping for food packed with nutrients instead of additives and empty fillers.

Top 10 Healthy Snacks

Seafood salad

I love prawns! I always picture myself next to the sea!

High in protein, prawns with salad is a good light snack. Use a light salad dressing though.

2  Cooked or raw vegetables

Always a wonderful snack. Sprinkle some seeds or nuts on top. 

3  Maki Rolls

When eating maki rolls, choose one with avocado, salmon or both. If you are a vegetarian, avocado is a must!

4  Tacos!

Choosing a light taco is possible. Too many times, the cheese could be too rich, the beans too refried. Keep it light.

5  Natural Yogurt and wild berries

A mid morning snack is important to manage your cravings. Choose a natural yogurt, add some fruits, seeds or popped quinoa.

6  Indulge in vegetables!

Remember to measure the amount of salad dressing you add to your salads. 1 tablespoon of dressing should be more than enough for your cup of mixed vegetables. 

7  Protein

Choose a protein in every meal. Protein will help feel satisfied and control your hunger cravings later. Fish, chicken, beans, quinoa are some of the best sources of protein.


This cooking technique adds flavour and does add extra calories from fat. Just paint with a brush your grilling food with a thin layer of olive oil and add spices and herbs. You could also marinate 2-3 hours before grilling for more flavor.

9  Raw seafood

Be careful with raw fish. Choose a reputable Japanese restaurant to eat raw fish and limit it to twice a week.

Watch the soy sauce additions as sodium content is too high. Choose a light sodium soy sauce for your pantry. 

10  Choose darker green leaves

Chlorophyll is a very powerful antioxidant. Eat green vegetables every day to keep your metabolism running efficiently and feel more energetic.

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