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Online bookings for initial nutrition consultations

and tests need to be paid in advance 

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Any nutrition service could be held with Cecilia Linares

in English or Spanish upon request




Cecilia Linares specializes in nutrition education and her nutritional services  are designed to help you become healthier.

An initial consultation and 2 follow up sessions will secure the right start in improving your nutrition







Personalise your nutrition program



3 follow ups 



Healthier Lifestyle

Go beyond your initial effort 

Monthly maintenance will help you make important habit changes in your nutrition habits




Cement your healthier you!  

Includes 10 months of follow ups where you could choose a new program if desired



  • Food shop with me and clarify all your doubts regarding healthy food

    40 min

    45 British pounds
  • Nutrition Consultation

    40 min

    115 British pounds
  • Making sure you are making progress, improving eating behaviour

    25 min

  • Bespoke weight management program to meet your needs

    1 hr

    150 British pounds
  • 4 weeks of diet and 10 days of supplements

    40 min

    150 British pounds
  • 7 days of a dairy and gluten free diet, basic supplements and nutritio...

    1 hr

    60 British pounds
  • 5 days of a diet without gluten and basic supplements

    1 hr

    45 British pounds
  • 5 days fo dairy free diet

    1 hr

    45 British pounds
  • Nutrition consultation and test(s). Total price of test(s) will vary d...

    40 min

    200 British pounds
  • Online tailored dietary plan after your initial nutrition consultation

    30 min

    85 British pounds
  • It involves a saliva swab. Results ready in 4-6 weeks.

    30 min

    250 British pounds
  • £30 minutes to explore a nutrition topic

    30 min

    65 British pounds
  • Nutrition could improve your immune system and strengthen you to heal

    1 hr

    100 British pounds
  • Learn how to cook with the Thermomix

    1 hr

  • Price includes an initial nutrition consultation and 2 follow ups

    1 hr

  • Price includes a nutrition consultation and 3 follow ups

    1 hr

  • Go beyond your nutrition plan and secure a healthier lifestyle

    1 hr

  • Optimising your nutrition and taking control

    1 hr