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Make a Step!

dancers making a step

Happy New Year! I trust you had a good celebration and that you are ready to improve your diet and take care of your health. January could be a hard time to start a diet. Some people are in summer holidays and others in the North hemisphere are getting back to their routines in the middle of winter. However, one could start by eating with moderation, cutting alcohol, skipping dessert at night and sleeping longer. These small changes will help you control your weight and give your system the chance to clear the holiday toxins.

Plan to shop for more omega 3s in the form of seeds and nuts. Stock up on root vegetables for hearty soups and vegetarian casseroles. Fiber intake will help you clear your digestive system and create an ideal environment for the good bacteria in your gut. Having good tenants in your body is a good deal! They (good bacteria) will improve your immune system in return.

Remember to stay hydrated with water, infused water or soups. Wherever you are, hydration helps to control cravings and manage your weight.

Happy exercise routines! From dancing, walking or joining an exercise class. Keep it active throughout the year. Much success everyone!


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