Enjoying Winter Vegetables!

Winter Vegetables

In winter it can be sometimes hard to eat vegetables. Indeed, it is cold outside and we prefer something to warm us up like gratins, pies, pastas… and all those delicious meals are often fatty. On the other hand, winter vegetables are poorly known and people don’t know well how to cook them. In this article we will learn more about some winter vegetables and how to cook them with healthy but yummy recipes!


Really high antioxydant power

Rich in A and K vitamins (especially in the leaf)

Good source of B vitamins


Plays a role against cancers (such as ovaries, kidneys cancers).

Rich in C and K vitamins

Butternut squash

Contains a lot of antioxydants

Rich in A and C vitamins

Rich in potassium, and a good source of calcium and magnesium


Really low in calories

Plays a role against cancers (contains a lot of antioxydants).

Rich in C and A vitamins


Really high source of carotenoids (antioxydants)

Rich in A vitamin


As brocoli and cabbage, cauliflower plays a role against some cancers

Good source of C and B vitamins


Rich in antioxidants

Rich in K and B vitamins


High level in antioxydants (flavonoid and carotenoid)

Really rich in C, K, B9 vitamins and rich in copper


Role against cancer (thanks to the antioxidants) and inflammations


Good source of fiber

Good source of B vitamins and manganese


High in antioxydants (beta-carotene)

Really rich in A vitamin


Spinach contains a lot of vitamins and minerals

It is really high in A, K, B9, iron, manganese, magnesium

Now here are some delicious and easy recipes you can make at home. I hope you will enjoy eating winter vegetables!