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Improve the lymphatic system flow with vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli, kale and spinach help stimulate the flow of the lymphatic system because they are rich in chlorophyll. This substance is responsible for the green colour in many plants and helps to protect and detoxify cells. Other good sources are wheatgrass, green tea, potatoes, green cabbage, asparagus, green beans, peas, some algae and herbs. A bad diet , dehydration, stress, processed foods, chemical exposures, and a passive lifestyle will clog your lymphatic system because the circulatory flow is too slow.

Some of the signs your lymphatic system is backed up include constipation, sluggish bowel function, inability to lose weight, morning soreness/stiffness, swelling in the extremeties, arms fall sleep during sleep, pressure in spine/shoulders, sore breasts with menstrual cycle, itchy skin, acne, dry skin, headaches, brain fog, swollen lymph nodes, lack of energy, recurrent sore throats, mucous in the morning, mucous drainage, fluid back up in the ear, ear popping/ringing and inability to fight infection.

The lymphatic system is the parallel circulatory system in your body where fluids get balanced and bacteria removed from tissues. Then, fluids enter into the bloodstream by way of lymphatic channels and ducts. This system supplies white cells that help the body control disease, defend it and excrete residue. The lymph vessels divide and subdivide repeatedly, becoming narrower at each division. A system of valves in the larger vessels keeps the lymph flowing on one direction. Plasma, the extracellular fluid that also contains glucose, amino acids and other tissues, leaks into tissues through the thin walls of the capillaries. Plasma fluid is not present in all our body tissues. The epidermis of the skin, the mucous membranes, the bone marrow, and the central nervous system are free of capillaries.

Lymph node enlargement may occur in infections, syphillis, infectious monoclueosis, amyloidosis and tuberculosis. Lymphoid tissue has a central role in metastasis, the process by which cancer cells spread to tissues distant from the site of tumour origin. This is due to the proximity of lymph vessels to tumour masses in organs or other tissues of the body. Cancer cells are readily captured in lymph nodes, and thus lymph nodes may become sites of secondary tumour formation*.

What will help to improve the lymphatic system flow?

Eating a diet with fresh, green vegetables, deep breathing, good hydration, cold-hot-cold showers, movement, muscle stretches, lymphatic massage, infrared sauna, drinking hot herbal teas such as red clover, astralagus, mullein, goldenseal, fenugreek, ginger, wild indigo root, sarsaparilla, golden seal and olive leaf. Stay in movement and keep healthy! It is our daily responsibility!


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