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To Cheese or not to cheese...

Is cheese a serious ofender to our health?

Cancer research says yes. It is inflammatory, carrier of bovine virus, high in saturated fat, high in salt, high in yeasts...but we love it so much!

How could we survive without it?

Easy! Go the Vegan way! Seriously! Have you tried them? They are very good.

I love making almond milk at home. I created a "cheese spread" with the almond pulp, the leftovers of the almond milk once it has gone through the Thermomix. It crushes the blanched almonds and mixes super fast with water. For best results, leave them soaking overnight in the fridge. A food processor will also do the job.

Then, I add extra virgin olive oil to the almond pulp, add Himalayan salt to taste and 1/4 tsp turmeric. Mmmm Mmmm! Just spread in your favourite sourdough bread or cracker and enjoy!

This almond cheese is high in vitamin E, manganese, fibre, phosphorous who needs an inflammatory cow's cheese?!

Be smart, switch now!