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Why oats are great for energy!

oats blueberries rich in fibre

If you are a texture lover, oats are for you. If you are not, you may eat them in a creamier texture pulverizing the oats further. Oats will also cook faster in this way. Adjust the liquids you add according to your taste.

The fiber found in oats gives them a long lasting energy producing feature. Fiber makes them satisfying and helps lower your cholesterol when you eat them regularly. It also helps with digestive transit, easing constipation.

Oats are fantastic for weight loss, specially for decreasing the abdominal fat. It will not cause bloating and will give more control managing your calories the rest of the day.

In addition, the fiber found in oats make it an alkaline food. Diets rich in alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits have shown to have a lower incidence of chronic diseases like CVD, Diabetes and Cancer.

When preparing oats, I like to use gluten free oats. This means the crop has been handled avoiding wheat crops to contamine the oat one. It is nice to have a break from wheat and very anti-inflammatory as well.

Oats could be cooked for a short time with water or any milk. Combining apples and cinnamon is a sure win. You could also use pumpkin puree and pecans, pears, blueberries. Overnight oats are made by letting your oats soak in any milk overnight for a fast breakfast that doesn't require any more cooking.

See the links below for more ideas for cooking with oats!

Oatmeal pikelets

Oat date slice

Choc chip quinoa cookies

Live healthy and enjoy!

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