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Merry All the Way!

How exciting! I love having family and friends in the end-of-year events. Carols are my favourite!

It could be complicated to manage all events of the season and it is important you pay attention on how much you drink and eat at every event. It could be a high caloric highway and could end up in tears.

Here are some strategies to be merry and to exercise some control:

*Eat a light meal before going to your event, a light soup or salad. It will help you skip the fatty salty offers

* Plan your after event food at home. Have a light soup ready at home for when you come back from your event or a yogurt with fruit compote

*At the event: Accept your Welcome drink and then switch to water. It is not necessary to finish all the glass

* Choose food with high protein content or one with vegetables. You will feel satiated without consuming high excess of calories from fat and gluten

* At the end, try to choose one sweet bite with fruit or nuts, it will have more fiber

* If you are hosting, choose to offer fun low calorie options as well. More fiber and less salt will be good for all. Give love in this way without going crazy with the budget for your event

Ideas of healthy canapes, you could find the recipes online

Vietnamese prawn and mint rice paper

Vegetarian rice patties with vegetable toppings

Endive leaves with sashimi tuna

Roasted beetroot hummus with yoghurt dip

Cucumber cups with salmon tartare

Sun-dried tomato and ricotta dip

Corn blinis with smoked trout

Pea coarse puree and chili prawn crostini

Beetroot, goat's cheese and mint blinis

Honeydew melon with prosciutto and bocconcini

Turmeric blini with beetroot hummus and roasted cauliflower

Devilled eggs

Avocado feta mousse with any cracker

Spinach and feta puffs

Vegan stuffed mushrooms

Spinach and feta cheese in phyllo dough

*Remember to limit your alcohol intake. You will save a lot of calories this way!

* Drink 1-2 glass of water before you drink another glass of alcohol

Try non-alcoholic botanical blends, they are delicious and not necessarily full of sugar. Add sparkling water or just ice

* Keep moving! Walk to your event, dance if there is good music, and plan a long walk 2-3 hours once a week

You will hopefully be merrier and healthier if you follow these tips!